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Catering to your child’s fears

The tunnel of horror story is far from over.

The other day my daughter was with her father and because we exchanged messages I realized that my daughter was still not asleep at almost 10pm. I asked what was going on and he nonchalantly told me that she does not want to sleep and that she tells him about the tunnel of horror all the time.

I could not hold back and told him again that I hope it was worth it and that I do not understand why he did go there and so on.

He –of course- had no care in the world and only brushed everything off. He cannot keep everything bad from her bla bla bla.

My child is so afraid since he went with her to the fair that she refuses to sleep in her own bed. I try to make her sleep there again but even with lights on and the door open she cries „I am afraid“, „Don’t leave me alone“ all the time. The other day I woke up in the morning and left the room to let her sleep a bit longer. She ran after me as is stung by an adder. (It was still dark outside). I told her I wanted to let her sleep. „No, I wanna be with you.“ She answered.

Please tell me if I am the one in the wrong here but for me it was absolutely foreseeable. I know my chid and I absolutely knew how she would react to the scare so why do it? Why? She is 5, she does not have to be exposed to monsters and skeletons and ghost. Not if you know how scared she is.

I am sorry I hate him for doing this to her.

His excuse was that he can also not keep her from seeing a dead bird on the street. What he means by that is, that every time she sees a dead animal she is sad for it and says things like: „The poor bird“, „I am sad for the poor bird“. Isn’t there a difference between things that just happen in real life and horror stories? Yes a child has to learn that everything dies and that animals die and death is inevitably there. It is a hard lesson in itself. But a child does not necessarily have to be exposed to things that scare her and do not even exist…. Am I completely wrong here?

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