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Choose wisely

I see this movie star who is my age and looks at his wife with love and care and tenderness. She is pregnant, they are having their second child. I listened to him talking about what a small miracle his child is and how he adores the woman who gave birth to his child. He talks about how he sings to his baby son and how his family means the world to him. All this makes me want to cry so hard sometimes because it shows that men like this do exist. Only I found one who was not wise enough to grasp the miracle that his baby girl is, he did not sing to his little baby, he did not see what it meant to give birth to her, he did not care for his little girl with all that was in him. 

I was alone from the first day she was born- he lived in the same apartment but that was it. So I left him. I do not have a husband at my side anymore, I will never get a second child, my family did not work out. I did not find the man with enough heart and mind and soul to see the wonder in all that. I look and my sweet little girl and I am so sorry I did not choose wiser!

Ahhh…yes of course you can argue that it is only logical to say those things in public but you can see it in the way he talks that it is heartfelt. Mr. M most certainly did not have a spark in his eyes while talking about his tiny miracle baby and the woman who gave birth to it.

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