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How to successfully kill the last shred of Respect Part II

(Beware: Swearing and explicit language ahead.)

So torturing me with the apartment situation was one thing but of course there came another!

Towards the very end he had to go and fuck another woman while he came home and went to sleep next to me.
I hear you – yes, we were practically separated and he can go fuck whomever he wants!? Yes, technically that might be true but first of all it was the way he chose to play this which finally drove me onto the side of „you fucking asshole“ instead of „let’s do this with dignity“.
R E S P E C T is the word that matters here: After almost 11 years of marriage and a child, I do demand at least the little courtesy to not lay down next to me when your dick just stuck in another woman or even better have the decency to wait until you moved out.

I mean seriously? Your family and your life together is going to shit right in front of your eyes and you choose to go and shag the next one? Telling me that the last 11 years with me were not even worth that much or showing me that finding another one to fuck is really no problem?

It got even more pathetic when I found out: Mr. M. had the nerve to deny it as long as possible.
How did I find it out in the first place?
Well Mr. M. came home in the middle of the night from some Birthday Party or something and he lay in our bed, snoring until early afternoon. His phone meanwhile exploded with messages.
So yes, I went to his phone and yes, I read them and I am not going to apologize for that.
Imagine what I read there!

First she obviously was under the impression that he was not able to spend the entire night with her because he had told her, I would make his live a living hell if I found out!
OMG – the fairytale about the poor, poor man who’s terrible wife gives him such a hard time while the poor man wants nothing more than to be with his new love but can’t. So they desperately wait for the moment he is free for her, the moment he can move out and they can finally shag in piece.
Are you kidding me???
He came home every fucking day and suffocated me with his ignorant presence! I begged him to leave and to finally stay away and he refused to go and he had the nerve to tell her that???
I would have been so happy if he had just left me alone and stayed with her! I would have personally dropped him off there for good!
She really fell for that story!? He had the guts to come up with that bullshit? Oh my fucking god!
I felt so insulted I wanted to puke!
After he denied it until the very end he still did not leave my house immediately.

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