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„I was allowed to watch a bad movie“

There are more charming news about the nerver ending TV problem. Seemingly Mr. M’s parents favor the TV as past time for children as much as their son. Back when my daughter was about 2 years old grandmother was the first one who was very confused that a two year old does not watch „The Sandman“ before going to bed.

Mr. M. again took her to his parents for a few days. So now she tells me that she watched something bad with a malignant book in it and she did not like it. I asked who showed that to her and she answered: Her grandfather. And when she said it is nothing for her he shrugged: „I’m sorry there is nothing else on at the moment!“ Holy shit- is that a stupid shitty answer!

And we have a new charming sentence that is certainly not from a little girl: „Daddy works so much so he has far more money then you have.“ accompanied by: „Daddy never ever has holidays he only has holidays when he is with his parents.“

When we talk about TV and his parents I also have to mention that the other day my daughter once again told my mother that she watched Jesus being crucified and that it was terrible. It is 8 weeks now since Easter when she told me that for the first time.

Mr. M. on his part states that has absolutely no idea about that entire thing. He steadfastly says that he does not know what I am talking about. So I can only draw the conclusion that it was either his mother or his father. Whatever: Under his watch my daughter got traumatized by watching TV. (Yes, maybe a trauma is something else strictly spoken but you know what I am trying to say.“)

The last trip to Mr. M’s parents was only 2 weeks ago and he wants to drive there again this week. Again two 6 hours drives within 48 hours for her! The last time she came home she had a headache and went to bed long before her normal bedtime with a cooling pad on her forehead and she fell asleep within 2 minutes. In addition to that she had a cold. How can a grown man be so blind to the fact what he does to this little girl? How oblivious can a father be to how much strain he puts her through?

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