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Let her believe

Today I learned – not for the first time but very explicitly – that even those people who do not know Mr. M. see that he does stupid things to his child by observing his daughter.

The worst sign for that was the children’s psychologist I saw with her in preparation for him moving out. She immediately saw that Mr. M. does not fulfill her craving for a father figure. That he keeps her at an arms length. I did not have to say one word about it.

Another sad incidence was when he told her that people who die do not go the heaven and live with god but they go into the earth and six feet under. I found that very harmful to try to take away the solace from a little child that god cares for the people who die. It is not a question of believe it is a question of comforting a little child.

I told you about my daughter being in some kind of a Jesus (and God) fangirling stage at the moment. It lasts and she still tells everybody she meets about Jesus and talks about God a lot. I think that this is very okay on many levels.

First of all she goes to an evangelical Kindergarten – not on purpose but because they took her. I myself and my family are Catholics. Maybe not strong believers but we know our stuff.

Second I am convinced that knowing the content of the Christian Religion and what it is based on is an extremely important part of general education. Just as it is knowing Greek Mythology because they are deeply routed in the western intellectual history. The Western Christian Civilization which we fervently want to defend against terrorism is based on that ideas. So I find it absolutely necessary to know why we celebrate Easter and Christmas and Pentecost.

If you learn all that incidentally it is absolutely helpful.

Please note, I am not talking about believe here. My child can choose what she wants to believe when she is old enough and I know she will. The time for analyzing and questioning will come but for now, I think, it is okay to talk about God and Jesus and about people going to heaven.

The latest incident was today. The Kindergarten teacher asked me what had happened because she recognized the day before that my daughter is suddenly no longer excited about Jesus.

My daughter told her that it is all just a bunch of stories people made up and tell to children. She thought it was a little sad because my daughter liked it so much and she thinks that it is a good thing for a child to have such an amount of trust in god because children are able to pull a lot of strength from that.

Believe me, the teacher is not at all some kind of fanatical Christian in the opposite she is a total yogi. She travels to India and teaches the kids Yoga and such. This concern was not at all religiously motivated it was more of a „why did you take that away from her“ thing.

My only answer to that was: „Well, you do know where my daughter spent the weekend, do you?“ (with her father). And she only nodded and sighed.

Because she also knows and hears and understands what kind of stories my child tells every time she was with him and it does not give her reason to be happy about it.

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