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Mr. M writes his own letters, does not pay his dept and still insults me

Mr. M’s self-perception also shows in how he thought he could handle the alimony question. I told you that I tried to settle without wasting too much money, I tried to work with one lawyer until he showed his true intentions and I decided I needed my own lawyer in the end. So, as it is normal, my lawyer calculated what he had to pay based on our tax declarations and sent him a letter with these numbers and so on. You can imagine what it contained.

He replied to this letter by himself – no, to be true I am very, very, certain his daddy wrote the letter! No, daddy M. is not a lawyer he is just an enormously uptight civil servant who always knows exactly what the rules of everything in live are and how things are done in this world.
Obviously they were convinced that it was enough to write a very „let it sound like a real lawyer wrote this and use many ,many „big words“ kind of letter and ad a list of numbers, stating the following: That is all the stuff I have to pay every month and therefore I am not able to pay my wife anything and my child only little. The letter sounded really important but in the end they could have also just added a sticky note with a few numbers on it saying: This is all my money.

What did he expect? That there would be an answer resembling something like :“Oh sorry that I bothered you. Wow, you have to spend that much money, of course I totally understand you cannot pay for your family.“ Yes, did he think that would happen?

Well, of course my lawyer told him that it was a very nice calculation but he had to add proof to every single number! Surprise!
Can you imagine that he was righteously pissed about that? How could someone dare to demand proof? In writing? His little letter would no get him of the hook for taking responsibility.
So he went and found a lawyer. A lawyer who obviously was not very honest with him and wasted time and money for letters that did not help at all because in the end there was nothing that would get him out of it. Nothing could be done about the inevitable but of course a lawyer hast to make money, too.
What I would call the most pathetic thing is, that until today he – of course- has the opinion that I am nothing but a money hungry bitch. I only want his money for the pure fun of it and I had the audacity to drag him in front of a judge for it. He thinks that I could have also chosen to do nothing and let him life his live therefore he would not have had to pay. Only my vicious actions made it happen…..it’s not like it is the law. You see, the tragic thing is that he did not only make me fight for my money, he also made me fight for the money for his child!!!! That’s what kills his argument! I had to go to court to make him pay the right amount for his child! He did not do that willingly! He, the flagship father!
So back to- I am so greedy. In fact, I was not. I could have gotten much more money. I could have fucked him over really good. Believe me I was told what to do! By law I am not obliged to work two jobs and work full time with a 4 year old child. I. Am. Not. I could have easily argued that I am not able to work at all ( I am not going to tell the details you just have to believe me that it would not have been hard to do).

I did none of that. I gave my numbers honestly and I just wanted to get what is due to me. In the end there was no other way because his lawyer did not even react in time to the letters.

 Btw: Mr. M. agreed in front of a judge to pay his dept in 3 rates. In fact the judge wanted him to pay it all in one go. He wanted ´rates and I agreed. His last rate is due since December. He did not pay it and he did not come to me and ask me or explain it to me. He just stood there and informed me: „I don’t have the money. I’ll pay later. “When I asked him after weeks when he has planned to pay the last rate he only said: „As soon as I have it I give you 450€“. Which is only half of his rate.
 He really thinks he can stand there and just inform me that he is not planning on paying. In addition when I asked if he is aware that I do have an enforceable verdict he said yes but the next sentence he sent me was already another insult! 

You think you can just not pay your debt, you assume that I am not going to do anything about it and you think you can still insult me on top?

I gave you more than three month time now the bailiff is on his way.

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