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My BFF’s top Mr. M. stories

The other day I asked one of my very best friends who reads this, too if she remembers things that I told her and I have forgotten about.

She reminded me of three things – one of them she witnesses personally- that she would never forget. Of course as soon as she mentioned the stories I remembered immediately.

The first story happened in winter last year. I was away with said friend for one night. At that weekend we had the first snow of this season. So went for a walk in the snow, freezing. Mr. M. sent me a picture of my daughter with an ice cream cone in her hand and big broad smile. It was a big cone, you know the ones with chocolate and sugar sprinkles on it and three balls of ice. My friend only shook her head. I wrote him back if it was really necessary to buy her ice cream at the very first day of snow. And then, then it happened! Please keep in mind that he had sent me a picture, you know, where you can actually see people on it.

His answer was: „Come on, It was only one ball.“

Yes, sorry, I had someone with me. I have proof and witnesses! What in the holy fucking world is he thinking how fucking stupid I am? How blatantly insulting and mocking can one be?

The second story is almost as good.

Or daughter was ill and Mr. M. went shopping and I told him I wanted to make chicken soup…you know, like for health. The stuff that our grandmother gave their children and your mothers probably gave you when you were ill. Maybe you already have an idea what he brought home. Yes? No? He went into the kitchen opened a can of soup and warmed it on the stove. I thing I might have had a tiny stroke while seeing this just because I did not believe my eyes.

It gets even better. I asked him if he was serious about this and if he honestly thought that this was what I meant bye I want to make a chicken soup.

He explained me….maybe you want to write it down so all of you stupid bitching mothers out there finally get it into your brains…. he explained me that it did not make any kind of difference, none whatsoever, if the soup was fresh or out of a can.

Gotcha idiots!!!!

The last one is honestly not very funny because it just too …. Idk…..insulting, irresponsible?

So Mr. M. left for work and informed me that he did not know when he would fly back exactly. So I told him that I had to go shopping and did not have any money. He patronizingly left 50€. I had to buy diapers and baby formula and food. The money was gone after that. Three days later he told me that he would not come back for another three day.

To be clear: he left us alone for 6 days with 50€ and I had no access to any kind of money. I had no card for his account and on mine there was nothing to spend. My daughter was ill and I figured I had no money to go to the pharmacies. Nothing. I don’t know about you but in my eyes that is not just insulting and derogatory it’s irresponsible. I got money from my mum and a friend and after that I told him again that I needed to have access to money in case of something like that or at least a card to pay for stuff. I got nothing like that.

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