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No peace…not ever?

It took me one year to find a new apartment and now that I managed to make a new home, to paint he walls to organize new furniture and make the new apartments nice it turns out my alcoholic neighbor keeps the entire house awake at night! He riots in the middle of the night loud enough to wake my daughter and scare her. He yells profanities and – from the sound of it- throws his furniture.

My neighbors tell me that he once was in a psychiatric ward for 6 month. The property management is very well informed about the situation. I don’t wish this situation upon anyone but it is preposterous to put a single mother with a small child in an apartment next to a rioting mentally ill drug abuser in full knowledge of the situation!

Fact is: Even if they start to go to law now to get him out it is going to last a year if not two until a

decision is reached. I can call the police a hundred times but that won’t help either.

Did I already tell you that I found the apartment through a friend of my mother’s who in turn knows

the the owner of very many properties in my town?

That makes me lucky again because they apologized and they are going to find me another apartment.

Does it ever end?

I just managed to get everything done, I have no money left and now I have to move again!

This is he first time since I am alone that I can honestly say I am at the very edge of my capability.

My week is stuffed to the brim at the moment. I work three jobs: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I go to my first job in a TV Production Firm. So I rush to the kindergarten and then to work and back to the kindergarten. I get there at around 5 and then I have an evening with my daughter.

At Tuesdays and Thursdays I rush to the kindergarten and start at 9 to work for firm A for two hours, then I switch stories and work for firm B until 3. Then I go back to firm A and work there another hour or two before I rush back to the kindergarten.

In addition I stuff in one hour per week to get my daughter to the psychologist and another hour per week for the paternal hour at said psychologist. Not to mention all the menial cores of every day life. Besides all that I just moved from A to B and make a really beautiful little home – all for nothing!

In all that chaos I managed to cause a – not severe- car crash which destroyed my cute little car. That cost me another 300€ for the repair (co-payment). I am broke, I don’t know how I should ever be able to pay for another move again. I have to paint all the walls I just painted over again, I have to move the kitchen I bought and payed for installation and so on.

At the moment I am a wreck!

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