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Our nice little drug hangout…

So I am kind of in between apartments – again!

I don’t have the energy to go on a full blown apartment hunt another time. One year of disappointments and humiliation is enough. In addition I don’t have the money to pay another deposit for a new place. My property management promised me to find another place in their pool.

Last week they called me and suggested an apartment in another building that I could look at. The house is a few numbers down the street and not far from me. Guess what? It is exactly at the spot where the addicts hang out. Maybe you know that kind of cozy park benches where 8 to 10 extremely sympathetic drunks meet every day to drink themselves into oblivion in company.

Yeah! So they apologized for putting me next to a raging alcoholic and instead they offer me a place in earshot to the neighborhood’s most popular drug hangout, nice!

…..and the extended manhood observation.

Why is it, that I have the feeling that people who are – I know I have to be careful here- socially challenged, seem to prefer attack dogs?

Ah yes, of course they are not officially labeled as attack dogs otherwise they would not be allowed or the taxes would be too expensive to be paid with social checks, but please let’s be realistic here: You can always find a vet who labels your dog differently and/or just because a Pibull has 1% Poodle in it it’s still a Pitbull. I do not want to start the „the problem is not the dog but the owner“ discussion because: Yes, exactly!

Why do people who hardly ever look sober love those attack dogs so much? Yes, I am biased because I am the mother whose child rides her bike in the inner courtyard and has to watch beer bottles having a huge Doberman or Pitbull on the leash or even better- no leash at all!

There is a mother of three boys who, whenever I see her, has a tin of Jim Beam and Coke in her hand and the guy who is with her looks inebriated enough. He has a Rottweiler as big as a calf. (Yes, Rottweilers are listed as dangerous here).

Why do all those people who look like they can hardly take care for themselves have these kinds of dogs? Well, yes the why seems clear: Extended manhood. But the why can they all get away with it in a city that states to fight against attack dogs for many years now bothers me. Every flimsy attempt to mask the dog’s breed seems to be successfull.

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