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Something about Luck and those who do not even recognize it…

There comes the day when all the medicine is taken and you have to go to the clinic to get your eggs abstracted. They give you a short general anesthetic for that. After a few days you come back and get the fertilized eggs re implant. From then on it depends on your body if the egg grows. Pleas note that only 15-20 % of women get pregnant after that! Most women take two eggs to increase the chance that at east one egg stays. To make it short: It is everything but granted that this works and many, many women out there have to try it several times and even more of them never get pregnant.

You might be able to imagine how they looked at me when I told them I only want one egg implanted. I did not, under any circumstances, want twins. In retrospect I am beyond thankful that I listened to this inner voice that insisted on only one egg.

You might have guessed that already: it worked. I was pregnant. One egg, one try and I was pregnant. So for everyone out there who did not get the odds – its something like winning the lottery with the only ticket you ever bought in your entire life. Mr. M was slightly pleased, that’s how I would describe it. I don’t want to tell you that I expected a big outburst of joy or some kind of victory dance or anything like that but I don’t even think he understood what had happened there. Until that day he is not aware of what was given to us, how incredibly lucky we where.

Somewhere around my third month my Mum took me to the spa. What can I say when I got up from my deck chair my white bathrobe was drenched in blood. Without any warning I was bleeding massively. (Maybe it just looked that much because of the white bathrobe.) I lay there on the floor of the spa and waited for the ambulance I was convinced my baby had left me. They rushed me to a hospital where I had to lie still for an entire week. Guess who brought me home after that? Ah…yes, it was not my husband. Guess who visited briefly just standing there next to my bed asking one or two questions before leaving again? Yes, well he took care of the insurance stuff, thanks a lot but not what I needed being pregnant and bleeding for days.

That was the second time during my pregnancy my little daughter held on to me, refusing to leave again. Mr. M did not get that either.

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