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Speechless once more

One of my best friends is one of the very few people who still are able to talk to Mr. M.

We realized that my daughter and her behavior gets worse and very often out of hand. So we decided that she is going to talk to him and that I am going to visit a psychologist with my daughter again.

So what happened? After the talk she told me that she had the feeling he did understand many things. Without knowing anything I replied that I know that. That is what he does. After every talk you have the feeling he listened to you and you have the feeling he understood everything just to do the exact same things again the next day. That is one of his worst behaviors it makes you question your own sanity!

The next day he called his daughter for a very shitty phone call.

First he told her: You always have to listen to your Mum. You always listen to me so you have to listen to her, too.

Of course he could not resist the side blow!

Second thing was he asked her why she had a runny nose again.

HE brought her home like that from his parents!!! With a headache, a runny nose and a cough.

Then he said to her without asking me first: Maybe I can pick you up tomorrow. (maybe???!!!)

My daughter: „Can you pick me up early?“

Mr. M:“ I don’t know yet if I can pick you up at all. I can only decide that tomorrow.“

My daughter: „Can you pick me up daddy after lunch?“

Mr. M: I cannot tell you if I can pick you up. Only maybe. You know, I do not work like your mother, I work differently.“

My daughter: „Daddy can you pick me up before we go into the garden?“

Mr. M:“ I cannot tell you if I can pick you up….“ and so on, and so on!

Are you fucking kidding me? That is what he understood from the talk?

He calls his child, completely neglects to ask me at all and makes his daughter longing for him again with an half cooked promise a five year old is not able to understand!

I have no words! I absolutely have no words!

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