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Sticking Points

Since I life alone with my child in our old apartment I’ve been trying to find a new one. The rent for the apartment we are currently living in is enormous and I need to find a cheaper one. Unfortunately I live in a city where housing is in general very hard to afford and even harder to find. On top of that I had to learn that nobody wants you when you live alone with a child. For the first time in my life I got a small taste of how it feels to be discriminated.

Let me add that my monthly income is good enough for what I was looking for and all my papers a perfectly fine. I looked for cheap(ish) apartments and I even looked quiet far outside the city. The paradox thing is that if you find apartments for an affordable price they are always owned by private owners who put them on the internet and mostly do not give their phone number only their E-Mail address. So you write them.

I hardly ever got an answer. Nothing.

About two or three times a was granted an audienz but I never got a chance. Of course I always lose against DINKS. Also, landlords prefer singles with high income for their 3 room flats over people who have a child. In this city you can rent out a toilet and a hundred people will gladly pay you vast sums of money for it and that is exactly what they all do. People who can afford it go to the landlord or the realestate agent and just pay him one rent on top or two or whatever. I am not able to afford that.

During this year I have lost my faith in people who offer housing in this city. Nothing matters but your paycheck and as a mother with a child you just cannot compete. They rattiest flat is not meant for you because there are always a hundred others who earn more. Very often I thought I would be better off with no job and no money at all and be depended on the social system. Because they help you if you are in danger to lose the roof over your head and have a child. If you have to rely on real people out there you do not stand a chance.

In addition – after what I experienced – I claim that as a mother with a child you are immediately judged as unreliable, unable to pay rent and probably your child throws with poo and trashes the apartment or maybe you do. What do I want to say with this? Maybe it is even very understandable that a landlord does not care for you personally and only for what you earn. Yes, maybe it is and the other people out there – like me and so many others- have to find the very,very few who chose to conciously give their living space to the single mother with the child.

Well for me that meant almost one year of struggling with almost no money to live, rejection after rejection and a very hard time believing that I would ever be able to finally find a new home.

In the end I only found an appartment through connections. By my own efforts I would still be bound to my expensive appartment.

Very similar rules apply to finding a job btw and before you know it you end up in a circle of not having enough and not being able to earn more.

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