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The Brand New Car Inconsistency

You may have noticed that a lot of important issues with Mr. M were about money and mindless consumption (which he did not perceive as such, of course. He only loved to accuse me of it).

I am very sure he did not consciously recognize it but he always went and bought stuff for himself if I had gotten something new. For example I was due to a new phone because I extended my contract. As soon as I had my new iPhone you could visibly tell his eagerness to have a new phone, too or at least something equally shiny – an iPad would do. Keep in mind that he allegedly never had money, was always fighting to pay the taxes and had to pay a lot of money back every month for his overheads ( a leased camera, a leased car etc.) and incessantly complaining about that.

With all that background knowledge what would be a prudent decision about getting a new car?

I am sorry to bore you with further details but I really want to tell the whole story so maybe at the end someone tells me that I am the unrealistic one.

Until the day I want to tell you about Mr. M. had had3 new cars. When he started working regularly as a cameraman he learned after some time that you drive so many kilometers that it does not make sense to lease a car because they take a huge amount of money for the kilometers that surpass your contractually included kilometers. He also learned that of course you need a car that is big enough to fit all your equipment in.

So the third car was in the end big enough and no longer running on lease but on financing. Even if I do not remember that last point correctly I think what I am about to write here is still valid.

I am even willing to assume that it was absolutely and unavoidably necessary to get a new car at that given point of time. My humble opinion would be to get a car that strains my finances as little as possible. Maybe even consider the unthinkable and buy (or finance) a used car (you know, one or two or even 4 year old). Yes, big enough for work and with all the fancy stuff you want in it – even used cars have all that. I would try to get a car that redeems itself as fast as possible and that I can afford more or less easily. Even if that used car is not the car of my dreams. Even if it is not THE car I want so much. I don’t know but I would see my priorities elsewhere.

Okay so long story short: Mr. M. went and got a brand new Mercedes V-Class. The monthly rate is breathtaking but yes, he got himself what he wanted.

The family holiday he had promised was completely out of sight of course and the next poverty crisis was ahead, naturally.

Funny thing: When I told him a few months later that it was stupid to get this car, that it cost us our holiday and that he cannot afford it and it was nothing but selfish he agreed with me but in the end he always agrees or pretends to just to shut you up. He had what he wanted so it is easy to admit afterward it was stupid.

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