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The Food Temperature Paradoxon

This episode came back to me the other day and frankly I still cannot believe that I had this conversation.

Let’s see, I already talked about Mr. M’s general habit to buy the most sugary food and stuff his daughter with chocolate and ice cream on every occasion. It went that far that whenever she saw him or left the house in his company she immediately asked for ice cream. During his own unceasing chocolate intake he always gave her something, too. Very stealthily if needed.

I want to add that my daughter is in no way overweight whatsoever. She is not the dainty giraffe kind of girl but she is a completely normal little girl. Nonetheless I think it is important and healthy to look what she eats – please object at any time!

So one day, we had to go to the hospital with our daughter. She hurt herself and of course it was the weekend so hospital it was.

The doctor checked her and made a little joke about her round tummy – it was really nothing but a joke to distract her! He did not seriously want to tell us that the child was to fat. At that time it was one of the phases when her tummy was a little rounder as soon as she had her next growth spurt it was gone. It was btw one of the first things my midwife told me: Our children tend to gain weight at the belly before they grow.

That stated, we drove home after the hospital and Mr. M. in all seriousness told me the following:

„I noticed that she has a little round tummy maybe we should stop eating warm meals in the evenings.“




I was kind of speechless!

Neither the argument that the temperature of the food is completely irrelevant to it’s amount of calories nor the argument that maybe it would be very much more helpful to first of all stop all the unhealthy sweet stuff he feeds her had any kind of impact on him!

He really kept arguing his „warm meal theory“. He did not react to the „reduce the sweets“ theory.

I am sorry – that was and still is one of the most moronic things I have ever heard.

And guess what he feeds her now that he has her alone? Pizza, Fries and Ice Cream. Every single time.

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