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The vivid reminder

The other day I had the questionable pleasure to get a vivid reminder of why Mr. M is a crappy father and why I cannot bear to listen to one word out of his mouth.

The prologue to the story was, that he once more screwed-up every plan and informed me on Wednesday that he would not pick her up from Kindergarten on Tuesday, as planned, but he would like to pick her up on Friday in the morning from my house and then he wants to bring her back in the evening. I had made the very brave plan to go shopping Tuesday after work during she was with him because I needed something for my daughter’s Halloween costume on Saturday and I had not been able to get it until then. Obviously that would no longer work. So I planned to go on Friday after work (I work short on Fridays) and buy the costume and a few other things. So he stood there in my hallway on Friday and asked when he should bring her back. Asking his questionable implies that the interlocutor has a say in it. When I told him 6 would be good because I had to go shopping he answered that he has to be at work at 5 and he has to bring her around 4. Thanks’ for that!

Okay. So I decided he would have to meet me in the Mall and drop her off otherwise I wouldn’t make it. For the first time in over one year I was forced to interact with him more than absolutely necessary and oh boy was that enough for the next year to come. I wasn’t finished in the drugstore when they arrived and Mr. M went a few shops farther and took her with him. I followed and it turned out he was in the jewelry store because his watch was broken or something like that. My daughter pressed her nose flat against a window full of colorful charms. Like children do, she kept on whining „I want one, I want one.“ I was literally able to witness the words forming in Mr. M brain and quickly explained to my daughter that she was too young for that and maybe when she starts school she would get real jewelry because at the moment she does not wear it anyways. And I told her that we cannot buy everything we see.

This is true btw. She puts everything on for like two minutes before it’s gone again. She wears absolutely nothing of all her trinkets. I know there are plenty of little girls who do wear necklaces or bracelets, well she is not one of them, so why on god’s green earth get her jewelry? So after I explained that of course she started crying and insisted that she wanted one. The absolute evergreen, the standard parenting situation, the scene we all live through a thousand and one times. He started to comfort her and I was able to see it on his face before it came out. He told her that maybe she would get it for Christmas! Ahhhhhh…. I just explained it is completely useless and why should a 5 year old get real jewelry just for fun? Of course his daughter had none of it and continued crying and whining that she wanted it now, now, noooooow. Guess what, he did not withstand this situation for one second. He did not one single time tell her ‘no’. What did he do to get her quiet? He promised ice-cream!

I wanted to puke.

On the way to the ice-cream booth he kept on whispering in her ear, telling her that she would surely get it for Christmas.

I wanted to puke even harder.

I said nothing. He bought her ice cream (2 balls of course) and we drove home! In the car my daughter told me that she had had fries for lunch and ice-cream afterwards, before we meat.

I definitely wanted to puke then!

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