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The wheel’s spinning, but the hamster’s dead

Let me tell you a nice little story about Easter. My daughter drove with Mr. M. to his parents – about a 6 hours drive.

I am sorry but I have to go a little far afield to make my point.

One of the kindergarten teachers read the Easter narration to the kids. Yes, I mean the one from the bible. She used a bible for children but she obviously did not spare any details – crucification and all.

Wonderful! My daughter was so deeply impressed (and I do not meant that in a positive way) that she talked about nothing else then Jesus being crucified with nails and wholes in his hands and Jesus being killed by soldiers and so on. For days on end. She wants me to read the story again and again and she tells everybody she meets about Jesus on the cross.

So practically everyone now believes that I am a fanatic Christian indoctrinating my 4 year old with the bible which is not what really concerns me, it’s just a little side effect.

I am sorry that she has to think about that gruesome story all the time and it makes her really sad. So first of all, thank you very much dear kindergarten teacher.

But of course smartypants managed to make everything much,much worse! Because he is definitely a few clowns short of a circus.

My child comes back after Easter and tells me that -oh how very delightful- she watched a movie about Jesus being crucified on TV at her Grandmother’s!! Yes, why not watch on TV how Jesus  gets a few nails through his hands and feet and shouts to god in heaven why he has to die. Very bright idea! Don’t you think!

So NOW my daughters talks literally about absolutely nothing else the entire day and to absolutely everybody she meets.

Mr. M has nothing to say about what happened or how this is even possible.

I cannot eat as much as I would like to puke!

In addition this is not the first time she gets practically traumatized up there.

Did I already tell you about Halloween? If so, stop reading here. If not, go on. It was Halloween two years ago. My daughter was three at that time and she was very afraid of ghosts and monsters and all sorts of eerie things. Which makes Halloween a PERFECT holiday for her.

So we where there up East with his parents and before bed time my daughter, her grandparents and me went for a walk. It was already darkling and grandma did not stop saying thing like: „Uuuooohhh…maybe we’ll meet a ghost or a witch…“ I only distracted my daughter and I was on the look out to avoid meeting any kind of masks. Fortunately Halloween is not big enough over here and they live in a godforsaken one-horse town, so nothing happened.

Later my daughter was watching the sandman on TV when the doorbell rang. I immediately closed the living-room door and made her watch the show.

The door opened and grandmother came in: „Don’t you want to see the ghosts???!!!!!“

I said no please let her watch TV and closed the door again.

Grandmother came back: „Oh they look so cute. Can I let them in and show them to my granddaughter?“

I said no, please do NOT let them in and let her watch TV and closed the door again.

Grandmother came back and this time she had three children with her. Painted black and with a scull on the face and with blood and teeth.

My daughter panicked completely and started crying and yelling.

Holy shit I was so furious. I threw them out and slammed the door.

My daughter was afraid for days, talked about nothing else then ghosts and monsters.

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