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Time to say: ‚Thank you‘

Until now I posted a lot about what went wrong but today I want to tell you what went right and I want to thank the people out there who helped me with so much more than I can say.

I hope you all know whom I am talking about!

First of all there are my friends. Some of them I know half of my live and some of them crossed my path more recently. There were people who came into my life at the exact moment I needed them and they are with me until today!

My friends who listened to my stories and helped me to get through this emotionally, friends who helped my find two jobs that empowered me to earn money for us.

A friend of mine whom I know for a few years now but only on the periphery – you know people you know are there but you’re not really connected- we spoke a few times and he knew I was looking for something to earn money. He came round and told me a colleague was looking for someone. So I met with his colleague and we spoke, I told him I can do the job and he took me. The extremely rare thing was: He just completely helped me with the first important step! He gave me a full time job to get me back into health insurance and managed everything! Just like that, he did not know me at all! We had not even signed anything at that point, he just did this. You might not know it but I love you for that!

A few weeks later one of my girls connected me with a firm who was looking for a researcher. I called there and I had a second job! I did a good job on the project and they gave me another until they offered me a contract.

Both of them put up with my schedule – meaning at that time that I was only able to work three days a week because my child was not yet in Kindergarten and I only had a place for her three days a week. She (my new boss) just told me, she has a child too and she knows how it is – nothing to worry.

So yet again I met the right people at the right time who took me on without any questions. I think that is rare! I am still working those two jobs and I love all my colleagues. I met great people who from the very beginning also listened to my stuff and supported me and ask me everyday how I am managing my life.

Sometimes I look back and I cannot believe all these people came into my life when I needed it.

Not to forget all of you who were with me long before my separation and throughout!

A couple I am friends with (and our daughters are) took me and my child on holidays with them. Meaning they lent me the money for the flight and they payed the house we stayed in. Really guys, my own father did not go on holidays with us although he knew we where having a hard time! I still wasn’t able to pay the flights back and I am sorry but I will and I thank you so very much. The same friend gave me money to help me pay my lawyer without any hesitation. Thankfully I did at least pay that back until know

I am aware that there are many things to be thankful for!

It is you people – all of you!

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